Pakistan Covid-19 Vaccination: Chinese Corona Vaccine Not Effective Against Seniors, Pakistan Made Big Disclosure – Chinese Sinopharm Vaccine Not Effective For People Over 60

Pakistan said Thursday, a day after launching its anti-Kovid-19 vaccination campaign, that China’s Sinoform vaccine was not effective for people over 60. China donated five lakh Sinopharm vaccines to Pakistan which were flown on a plane from Pakistan on Monday.

Faisal Sultan, special assistant to the prime minister for health affairs, said that after reviewing a preliminary analysis of the data, Pakistan’s expert committee suggested that the vaccine be applied only to people aged 18 to 18. 60 years. He said, “The committee has not approved the Sinopharm vaccine for people over the age of 60 at this stage.

Pakistan praises Chinese vaccine
Health adviser Dr Faisal Sultan said Sinopharm in China has been shown to be effective. He said I wanted to tell you that the Sinopharm vaccine is 79 to 86 percent effective. He said 70 percent of the country’s population will be vaccinated by the end of the year.

Pakistan had to get the vaccine from its plane
China is said to have put a condition in front of Pakistan to give out Synovac’s corona vaccine for free, that it would have to take the vaccine at its own expense. But poverty-stricken Pakistan has spent at least a month planning to send a plane. Seeing that the vaccine has not been received from any other country, the Imran Khan government finally sent a special plane to China on Sunday and ordered the vaccine.

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