Pakistan Covid Cases Update: Pakistan Now 30th Country With Delta Variant Of One Million Covid 19 Cases In Karachi

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Pakistan now appears to be heading towards becoming a new stronghold of the corona virus, the number of corona infected patients in Pakistan has crossed 1 million, Pakistan has become the 30th country in the world with so many cases of corona Islamabad
Pakistan now appears to be a new stronghold for the corona virus. The number of patients infected with the corona virus in Pakistan has exceeded one million. Pakistan has become the 30th country in the world where there are so many cases of corona. During Eid-ul-Azha in Pakistan, people flouting the rules of the crown and as a result 1,425 cases of Kovid 19 were reported in the past 24 hours.

Pakistan said the positive corona rate in the country was 6 out of 100 tests. The total number of corona cases in the country has now risen to 1,000,034. According to official figures, 22,939 people have died in Pakistan from the Corona virus. The Delta variant wreaked havoc in the city of Karachi in Pakistan. There are now 100% of cases ahead of the delta variant.

The positive Corona rate in Karachi is 25.7%
The Sindh government decided on Thursday that corona restrictions would be re-enforced from next Monday. He said the positive corona rate in the state has reached 10%. Various restrictions were placed on the opening of stores in Sindh from Monday. Use of the wedding hall will be prohibited. Private hospitals in the city of Karachi, which is called Mumbai, Pakistan, are full and patients are coming back. The government of Pakistan’s Sindh province has said the situation in the city of Karachi is worsening due to the corona virus.

The positive corona rate in Karachi reached 25.7%. Pakistan Medical Association General Secretary Dr Kaiser Sajjad said the condition of not only private but public hospitals is also very bad. Again, patient recruitment can be stopped at any time. Sajjad said, “May Allah have mercy on us, people are not taking the epidemic seriously. This kind of irresponsible attitude on Eid will only make things worse.

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