pakistan covid vaccine from india: pongistan will not buy vaccine; pakistan will live on pakistan’s ‘donation’, indochina – pakistan will not buy coronavirus vaccine will depend on donations from india and china

The people of Pakistan, suffering from the ravages of the Corona virus, see no hope of getting rid of this global epidemic. Imran Khan’s poor Pakistan will not buy the Corona vaccine this year. The Pakistani government will only rely on herd immunity and the corona virus vaccine donated by the world to fight the corona virus. Pakistan National Health Service Secretary Aamir Ashraf Khwaja announced Thursday.

According to Pakistani newspaper Dawn, a dose of China’s corona virus cancer vaccine costs around $ 13 or Pakistani rupees 2,046. The director general of the National Institute of Health of Pakistan, Major General Amir Amir Ikram, said Pakistan depends on international donors and friends like China for the vaccine against the Corona virus.
Now a loan of 1 lakh 75 thousand on each Pakistani, will Imran Khan accept it by making a poor man?
Pakistan to receive dose of Oxford vaccine made in India
Pakistan relies on China for the Corona vaccine. Two lakh 75,000 Chinese vaccine dose health workers have been deployed. Pakistan will now start the second round to apply the vaccine. He said the Pakistani government plans to apply the Corona vaccine to 7 million people this year. According to Pakistan’s NHS secretary, Pakistan will receive 16 million doses of Corona vaccine from Oxford made in India.

Pakistan said a vaccine made in India would allow 20% of Pakistanis to apply the Corona vaccine. Pakistan will receive this corona vaccine from India through the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi). This organization is designed to provide the corona vaccine to poor countries. In fact, questions were raised about the delay in imposing the Corona vaccine in Pakistan, after which the government gave this response.
Pai-pai thirsts for ‘poor’ Pakistan, Imran Khan takes again loan of 416 thousand crore rupees
Pakistanis avoid installing Corona vaccine
Previously, Pakistan’s Public Accounts Committee said there was doubt about the corona vaccine and the country’s top leaders should apply the Kovid-19 vaccine first to clear up their confusion. Let us know that recently the Imran Khan government confessed to the Parliament of Pakistan that now every Pakistani owes a debt of 1 lakh 75,000 rupees. The contribution of Imran Khan’s government in this regard is Rs 54,901, or 46 percent of the total loan amount. This debt burden has increased for Pakistanis over the past two years. In other words, when Imran took power from Pakistan, every citizen of the country owed a debt of Rs 119,999.

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