Pakistan dog death sentence: Pakistani viral video of dog attack in Karachi sentenced to death

Two pet dogs have been sentenced to death for injuring a lawyer in Karachi, Pakistan. Last month, these two German shepherds injured Mirza Akhtar, a lawyer by profession, while he was out for a walk in the morning. The dog’s owner, Humayun Khan, apologized to Akhtar and was also fined 10 lakhs of Pakistani rupees. At the same time, animal welfare activists oppose the punishment for the two dogs.

Video footage of the incident had gone viral on social media. The two dogs attacked Mirza and he continued to try to escape. Later, Khan came and saved him, but Akhtar was quite injured by then.

Death sentence
According to the Tribune report, the two reached an agreement on July 6 and Akhtar agreed to pardon Khan. It was said in the agreement between the two that medics will immediately put to death the two dogs involved in the incident. If Khan has another dog, he will give it to him too. Other than that, a dog must be registered with the Clifton Cantt Board and they will not go out on the road without a handler.

Whose fault is it?
Apart from that, Khan will also donate 10 lakh rupees to the local shelter. Prior to the settlement, Khan had applied for bail in court. Two of its employees were taken into police custody. At the same time, animal welfare groups are calling this deal inhumane and opposing it. They say why reckless animals are punished for the recklessness of masters?

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