Pakistan fake news: Pakistan: Imran’s minister shares fake news, France has opened a poll

French President Emmanuel Macron has long been the target of Muslim countries. Macron has called “ Islamic separatism ” a crisis in France and is also preparing to pass legislation to this effect. However, the Pakistani minister’s Imran government shared fake news about the Macron asking the French Council of Muslim Faith to accept the “ Charter of Republican Values ​​” within 15 days and fuel the fire. made.

In fact, this new bill places restrictions on home schooling. Each child will be given an identification number to make sure the children go to school. Parents who break the rules can face up to 6 months in prison or fines. According to information shared by Minister Shirin Mazari in the Pakistani government, these rules are only applicable to Muslim families.

Sharing the story, Shirin Mazari wrote: “Macron does to Muslims what the Nazis did to Jews. Muslim children will be given identification numbers (not other children) as Jews were forced to wear yellow stars to identify themselves. In tweeting this, the French Embassy in Pakistan wrote: “Fake news and false accusations”.

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