pakistan FATF: how much work Pakistan is doing on terrorist financing, the FATF joint group will consider today, the sword of the gray list will be removed? – A joint FAT group to discuss Pakistan’s progress on reducing terrorist financing

Islamabad / Paris
The Joint Financial Action Task Force (FATF) will consider this issue at an important meeting on Thursday on Pakistan’s efforts against terrorist financing. The FATF had asked Pakistan to work on 27 points and during this meeting, we will see that Pakistan has done enough work on all points. Based on the advice given at the meeting, the FATF will decide next month whether Pakistan will be placed or changed to the FATF gray list.

The Pakistani correspondent cited sources as saying Bhutan, India’s close ally, was part of the meeting. In such a situation, Pakistan may have to pay the price. This group will submit its report to the FATF International Cooperative Review Group which will be presented to the FATF meeting. Whether or not to keep Pakistan on the gray list, the FATF will be decided at a meeting in the last week of February.

Pak is made in the gray list
The last time the FATF meeting found that Pakistan had only acted on 21 points. Pakistan is currently on the gray list but can be blacklisted if it does not comply with the 27 point action plan on terrorist financing and money laundering. The FATF has called on Pakistan to take action against those who have been declared terrorists by the United Nations.

Why the fear of the FATF?
If Pakistan does not get off the gray list, it will be difficult to get financial support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the European Union, while at this time, especially due to the Corona virus, Prime Minister Imran Khan has already sought help from the international community. This will obviously have a negative impact on its economy.

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