Pakistan France Tension: Pakistan expels French Ambassador Imran Khan Government could bow to demand from religious political parties

Strong points:

Pakistani extremists at war in Pakistan call on Imran Khan government to demand expulsion of French ambassador
There has been an outcry in Pakistan demanding a complete end to diplomatic relations with France. The fundamentalist organization Tehreek-e-Labbak has created a violent protest against the Imran Khan government in the streets of Lahore for this demand. After that, the Lahore police arrested Saad Hussain Rizvi, the head of this fundamentalist organization. After which, the enraged partisans attacked the police. The roads of Lahore have many sticks and stones on both sides.

Proposal to expel the French Ambassador to the Parliament of Pak
On the other hand, the Imran Khan government, frightened by the threat of fundamentalists, also introduced a proposal for the expulsion of the French ambassador to the country’s National Assembly (Pakistani Parliament). The decision to present this proposal was taken at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan. In which were present the Pakistani Minister of Law Feroze Naseem, the Minister of the Interior Sheikh Rashid, the Minister of Religious Affairs Nurul Haq Qadri and many senior officials.

Plan to remove the French ambassador before Eid
The Pakistani government is preparing to expel the French ambassador before Eid. With this proposal, the Imran Khan government wants to establish a consensus in Parliament. For this, opposition parties and religious parties are also contacted. If everyone agrees with this decision in Parliament, Pakistan can sever relations with France.

After all, why Pakistani fundamentalists are angry with France
Pakistani radicals are angered by the controversial cartoon of Mohammed Sahab published in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. A motion of condemnation was also passed in the Pakistani parliament regarding French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on Islamic terrorism. Not only that, in October last year, Pakistan’s foreign ministry summoned the French ambassador and protested.

Not only the Pakistani Ambassador to France, … and Parliament adopted the order to dismiss him
Pakistani Ambassador to France since last year
Pakistan has not appointed its permanent ambassador to France since July of last year. Pakistan’s last ambassador to France was Moin-ul-Haq, who was appointed Chinese ambassador last year. Since then, there has been no Pakistani ambassador to France. Pakistan’s foreign ministry did not appoint any officer to the post even after 10 months.

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