Pakistan Gray List: France angry with Pakistan for Prophet Mohammed’s graylist position looming: France angry with Pakistan because of Prophet Mohammed’s graylisted cartoon threat FATF

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Pakistan is trying to get out of the FATF gray list, say European countries, France is unhappy with the cartoon of the prophet Muhammad for not having prevented the financing of Islamabad / Paris terrorism
Pakistan, shaken by an economic crisis, counts on every day to get out of the gray list of the FATF (Financial Action Group). A meeting will be held in Paris on Monday and if Pakistan does not get off this list, it will be difficult to obtain financial assistance from international organizations and agencies. However, there is a great possibility that it will have to remain on the gray list. The peculiarity is that not only its failure to stop the financing of terrorism, but a cartoon can cause controversy.

France is unhappy, the European country is also against
Indeed, quoting Pakistani journalist Yunus Khan in Paris, Dawn newspaper wrote that some European countries, particularly France, have advised the FATF to keep Pakistan on the gray list. He says Islamabad has not acted fully on all points. Other countries supported France. Khan says France is unhappy with Pakistan’s response to the Prophet’s cartoon. Pakistan has also not appointed a local ambassador to Paris. He said diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries were not good.

Pakistan to remain on FATF gray list until June, Imran Khan will experience more bad days
Imran said Macron was attacked
There have been many protests in other Muslim countries, including Pakistan, over the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad published in the French magazine Charley Abdo. Imran Khan jumped into the controversy and the Pakistani prime minister said French President Emmanuel Macron was “ deliberately ” provoking Muslims, including his citizens. He tweeted: “It is unfortunate that he (Macron) chose the path of promoting Islamophobia only when he attacked Islam instead of attacking terrorists. Terrorists, whether Muslims, white supremacists, or Nazi opinions.

Imran had said that at that point the French president should try to bridge the wounds and not give way to extremists instead of promoting more polarization. Imran Khan said that by attacking Islam without understanding it, the French president has hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims around the world.

Controversy over the prophet’s caricatures: Imran Khan speaks in a Turkish voice, the French president incites Muslims
Sino-Turkish aid won’t work
Experts say that despite Imran Khan’s millions of efforts, Pakistan won’t be able to get off the gray list until June. These days, Pakistan is trying to gain the support of member countries to get off the FATF gray list with the help of its evergreen country, China and Turkey. In recent months, he has also called for action against terrorists and terrorist organizations, which have been targeted by the United States. In such a situation, it can be difficult for Pakistan to keep the world under the illusion that it is taking action against terrorism.

What does the FATF fear that Pakistan will pretend to ban terrorists?
What’s wrong with the FATF gray list?
The FATF plenary and working group meetings are scheduled for Paris from February 21-26. Pakistan’s position in the “gray” list will likely be decided at these meetings. Pakistan was placed on the FATF’s “ gray ” list in June 2018 and given a deadline to address global concerns by implementing 27 questions. The countries on the gray list are those with the highest risk of terrorist financing and money laundering. For this reason, it will be difficult to obtain financial support from the International Monitoring Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the European Union, while for the moment, especially because of the corona virus, Prime Minister Imran Khan has already asked for help from the international community.

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