Pakistan harbors terrorists, prevails over multi-billion dollar military aid stop: Nikki

Nikki Haley, leader of the Indo-American Republican Party in Washington, said that since Pakistan harbored terrorists, President Donald Trump has stopped multibillion-dollar military aid. The former US ambassador to the United Nations said those same terrorists, who had been taken to the shelter of Pakistan, attempted to kill US soldiers. Addressing an election platform in Philadelphia, Nikki Haley praised Trump’s foreign policy. Nikki Haley, two-time governor of South Carolina, was the first ministerial minister in the presidential administration in US history. Nikki Haley seeks to support Donald Trump in the presidential campaign. Nikki Haley, who halted the $ 300 million funding to Pakistan, said: “We are providing billions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan, which is home to terrorists.” These terrorists are trying to kill our American soldiers. We have stopped those billions of dollars in military aid. He said there is a way to stop the funding the president is using. Be aware that US officials often warn Pakistan to give terrorists refuge. In 2018, the Trump administration halted funding of $ 300 million to Pakistan. In 2018, Donald Trump tweeted that the United States had stupidly given $ 33 billion in aid to Pakistan over the past 15 years. In return, Pakistan had only lied and deceived us, seeing our leaders as fools. Pakistan gives refuge to the terrorists they hunt in Afghanistan.

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