pakistan hawks export uae: saudi arabia and uae caught pakistan, then imran khan sent hawk to ayyashi

The Pakistani government of Imran Khan has authorized 150 rare eagles for export to the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Imran government’s cruel decision has come under severe criticism over concerns from wildlife experts around the world. In fact, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have started to pinch Pakistan’s neck and now the Emraan government is going to send the eagle to the ruler of Dubai for Ayyashi.

According to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn report, Imran Khan’s government has given special permission to “export” 150 eagles from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates. According to sources, this authorization was given by the Ministry of External Affairs and was handed over to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. Explain that with the help of these rare eagles, hunters in Arab countries hunt Hubrao birds. The Imran government gave this clearance at a time when Saudi Arabia demanded repayment of the remaining $ 2 billion, while the UAE banned visas for Pakistanis. Large number of Pakistani citizens live in UAE and send money.

The eagle bird is a protected animal under international law and its export is prohibited, but the Imran government of Pakistan has now sacrificed these idiots to overcome the waters flowing from their country. Arab hunters will now use these eagles instead of their old eagle. The sale of the eagle in Pakistan itself is prohibited and its trade is considered illegal.

Earlier in 2014, a Pakistani court banned the export and eagle hunting of Hubrau, its relations with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates fell into the abyss. After much tension, the Pakistani government bowed and gave permission to send the eagle. The Hubarao Tilor bird is shy but extremely beautiful and looks like a fit turkey bird. Every year during the winter season, they fly from Central Asia to Pakistan.

The prince and the rich from the Gulf countries come to Pakistan to hunt these Hubaro birds. The genius of the Saudi princes is that the Saudi prince hunted around 2,100 birds, while he was only allowed to hunt 100 birds. For more than four decades, Pakistan has invited senior officials in Arab countries to hunt with the help of the falcon. Pakistan’s Balochistan province earns at least 2 billion rupees per hunting season.

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