Pakistan Hindu murder: Hindu family murdered in Pakistan: Hindu family murdered in Pakistan

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The case of violence against the Hindu community in Pakistan strangled society after the brutal murder of five people from one family by strangling the chief minister.
A case of brutal violence against the Hindu community has again been reported in Pakistan. Five people from a family were strangled to death in Pakistan. After this incident, the Hindu community in Pakistan is very frightened. The reason for the incident was not yet known. There have been numerous cases of violence against Hindus and other minority communities in Pakistan.

Salvaged Ax Knife
According to media reports, the bodies of members of this Hindu family from Multan were found in their house in Chak number 135-P, in the settlement of Abu Dhabi, 15 km from the city of Rahim Yar Khan. Police recovered murder weapons, including a knife and an ax. The head of the family has been identified as Ram Chand Meghwal (36). He owned a sewing workshop.

Was a man of peace
Rahim Yar Khan’s social worker Birbal Das said Ram Chand was a peace-loving man and led a happy life and the incident was quite shocking to everyone. The Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman, ordered an investigation into the incident and called for the culprits to be apprehended as soon as possible.

Violence against minorities continues
Along with international organizations, Pakistan’s human rights organizations have also raised their voices against the targeting of minorities, but the situation does not appear to be improving. Cases of violence often occur not only with Hindus, but also with Christians and minority castes. Sometimes underage girls are kidnapped and forced into marriage, and religion changes, sometimes places of worship and homes are targeted.

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