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Motion of confidence in the government of Imran Khan on Saturday, accused of voting against the party line in the senatorial elections. Imran sent a letter to PTI deputies.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan suffered a setback due to the serious defeat in the senatorial elections, the effect of which is clearly visible. He faces a censure motion in the country’s parliament on Saturday and before voting Imran wrote a letter to party deputies and voiced opposition. He warned that party members should adopt the party line or be ready to face action. In fact, there were allegations that the leaders of Imran’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party voted separately from the party in the Senate elections.

Imran launches Vip
Before releasing the opposition, Emraan moved said he would respect the decision that will come out in the vote, and if he does not support Imran, he will sit in the opposition. In a letter to all Tehreek-e-Insaf members at the National Assembly of Pakistan, Imran wrote: “You must vote according to the party’s instructions by voting on the Prime Minister’s censure motion. If a leader did not participate in the vote or did not vote as directed by the party, then the leader of the party may declare any member to have defected and the information will be given at the election.

Other than that, MPs were urged to stay inside before the doors to the meeting room were closed.

‘Saturn crisis’ on Imran Khan tomorrow, Pakistani parliament to decide prime minister’s political future
Did you cheat in the Senate?
In the senatorial elections, the country’s finance minister, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, lost to former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), by just 5 votes. It is alleged that some PTI leaders voted in favor of the PPP in the secret ballot. The PPP has been accused of misapplying these members to persuade them to vote for them.

The Pakistani Election Commission criticized Imran Khan, saying – Where the victory was won, wow, do you lose?
What do the numbers say?
From now on, there will be no secret ballot during the censure motion and if the PTI deputies vote against the party or the prime minister, they can be seen. Imran Khan would need the votes of 171 out of 341 MPs to save the government. Out of a total of 342 seats are vacant. When Imran called a meeting of his party and coalition partners, there were 179 members. Despite his release, Imran’s agitation subsides.

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