Pakistan India United Arab Emirates flight ban: India United Arab Emirates Flight ban: India United Arab Emirates aircraft ban

Those looking for their way to the UAE may have to wait longer. Emirates Airlines, leading Dubai, extended the ban until August 7 in its latest travel update. This rule will apply to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Millions of people in India are stranded due to the ban imposed due to the corona virus outbreak.

People who pass through these countries in the last 14 days will also not be able to enter. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates, holders of golden visas and persons associated with diplomatic missions will be exempt from this ban.

Etihad Airways banned
According to Gulf News, flights from India were suspended by the UAE’s National Crisis and Disaster Management Authority on April 22. This ban continues and Etihad Airways has now extended the ban until August 2.

Saudi Arabia has warned its citizens that they will be banned from traveling for 3 years if they travel to countries on the “red list” for the corona virus. Saudi Arabia has given the warning after new variants of Corona emerged in an attempt to control its spread.

Millions of people are trapped
Let’s say that for three months, lakhs of passengers have been waiting to go to India. Some are far from their families and some are far from employment. Since the cancellation of flights for 10 days in April, the delay is getting longer. The most worrying situation is that of those people who are afraid that they will not be able to save their jobs after their return. Many people are far from their families, the wages of some are reduced. At the same time, others fear that the work will not disappear.

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