Pakistan International Airlines: European countries do not trust Pakistan’s fake pilots, refusal to lift ban – European Commission maintains ban on operations of Pakistan’s international airlines in member countries over licensing issue pilot

The countries of the European Union have decided to maintain the operating ban of Pakistan International Aviation Service Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The European Union has strongly stated that it is not satisfied with the action of the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan in dealing with the licensing process and safety concerns. In July 2020, member countries of the European Union imposed a six-month ban on bogus pilot licenses in Pakistan.

European Union warns Pakistan
The European Commission (EC) has also called on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to eliminate security loopholes and improve the licensing process for commercial pilots. In July 2020, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) suspended PIA’s operational rights in EU member states for six months.

Pakistani Minister’s statement quoted
The Commission expressed concern about the licensing of pilots, referring to a speech given by Pakistan’s Minister of Civil Aviation to Parliament. The speech said that a third of Pakistani pilots have bogus licenses. On May 22, two days before the minister’s statement, a PIA passenger plane crashed near Karachi airport, killing 97 passengers.

40% of fake pilots in Pakistan
Civil Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan, while presenting the investigation report to Parliament since the Karachi plane crash, said 40% of PIA’s pilot licenses were bogus. There are a total of 860 commercial pilots in Pakistan. The minister said the pilots under investigation were recruited before the Imran Khan government took office.

Many countries have banned PIA
Besides the European Union, many other countries around the world have also banned PIA flights. It also includes Muslim countries such as Kuwait, Iran, Malaysia, Jordan, and UAE. Who do not rely on Pakistan pilots. The United States had also raised concerns about Pakistan’s bogus pilots.

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