Pakistan JF 17 Thunder Aircraft The escort plane of the President of Tajikistan watches India: Imran Khan launches a fighter plane to welcome the President of Tajikistan, his eyes riveted on the only Indian military base!

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Pakistan, engaged in the all-out encirclement of India, began to attack the Central Asian country Tajikistan To please the President of Tajikistan, Emomali, Imran sent fighter jets to welcome him, it is the same Tajikistan where the only foreign military base of the Indian Army is located in Ayani Islamabad
Pakistan, which is engaged in a complete encirclement of India, has now started to slam the Central Asian country Tajikistan. To please Tajik President Emomali Rahman, on an official visit to Pakistan, Imran Khan sent his JF-17 fighter plane to welcome him. It is the same Tajikistan where India’s only foreign military base is located.

Pakistani JF-17 fighter jets took the Tajik President’s plane into their cordon in accordance with ritual when it entered Pakistani airspace. Pakistan only welcomes heads of state from countries with which Pakistan has close ties or wants to do so. During the two-day visit of the President of Tajikistan, Pakistan signed a defense agreement with him. By virtue of this, it will sell locally made weapons to this Central Asian country.

Tajikistan to buy arms from Pakistan
Previously, Rahman, who arrived in Islamabad, had been received at the Prime Minister’s residence, where he was given an honor guard. “It is very important to improve our defense ties,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said after meeting with the President of Tajikistan. Khan said they “have discussed and signed memoranda of understanding to meet Tajikistan’s needs for Pakistan-made weapons.” The Pakistani prime minister said that for better bilateral relations between Pakistan and Tajikistan, peace in Afghanistan is necessary.

This visit by the President of Tajikistan and the arms deal is very important for India. Indeed, it has a 1,400 km long border with Tajikistan and Afghanistan and it is of great geostrategic importance for India. India has provided it with military assistance in the framework of counterterrorism cooperation. India has also developed the Ayani air base near Dushanbe. This air base is very important to keep an eye on China and Pakistan.

India-Tajikistan friendship at the initiative of Vajpayee
India’s friendship with Tajikistan intensified when the United States was attacked in 2001. In response, America dropped its army in Afghanistan. At that time, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India and he decided to strengthen his friendship with Tajikistan. After that, the current national security adviser Ajit Doval of the Vajpayee government started the Indian army presence in Tajikistan.

It was the time when the United States and its allies were also looking for an air base that would move from Pakistan to Afghanistan. At that time, India ran a hospital in Farkhor, Tajikistan, near the border with Afghanistan. Afghan Tajik leader Ahmed Shah Masood was treated in this hospital. He was seriously injured in the Taliban attack. Indian army medics could not save him.

India decided to build Ayni air base
At the same time, India wanted to convert Ayani into a military base. After that, the Kargil War happened and India decided to build the Ayni Air Base. In the Kargil war, it appeared that we needed to increase intelligence oversight and for that, the RAW Aviation Research Center would need to be strengthened. For this reason, India had expressed its wish to redevelop this base in 2018 but there is not much information on what happened next. However, there are still 150 Indian military officers present there.

Military relations between India and Tajikistan at the Ayni air base have lasted for 13 years. India spent around $ 70 million from 2002 to 2010 to renovate and modernize this air base. India not only sent defense equipment here, but also extended the runway to 3,200 meters. Pakistan is tense due to the deployment of the Indian army in Tajikistan or Afghanistan. He fears that India will open another front to attack Pakistan. It is believed that for this reason he is now putting strings on Tajikistan.

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