Pakistan Jihad University: the Jihad University in Pakistan where “ graduates ” wage war in Afghanistan – Pakistan Pakistan Jihad University prepares graduates for Afghanistan against us and Russia

Akora Khattak
Akora Khattak from Pakistan – Where is the Darul Uloom Haqqania “Jihad University” seminar. Maulana Yusuf Shah proudly announced the list of Taliban fighters who emigrated from there, in particular he mentioned the actions of the Taliban against Russia and America in Afghanistan. Among the Taliban leaders who left here, there are those who are part of the team that is now dealing with the government in Kabul.

Students stay here for free
Shah also said, “Russia has been shattered by students and graduates and American products have also been blocked. we are proud.’ Akora campus is 60 km east of Peshawar. Here 4000 students eat and study for free. It has been the bastion of regional extremist violence for years, and Pakistani and Afghan refugees here are learning to wage a jihad war against Russia and America.

Support for Pakistan
This seminar (madrasa) has also received significant support in Pakistan. Here, political parties are closely associated with religious organizations. This month, the leaders of Darul Uloom supported the Taliban’s incursion into Afghanistan and challenged the government in Kabul. The government of Afghanistan is already experiencing a spike in violence as the United States has also begun to prepare to withdraw the military.

‘Right to target foreign soldiers’
A spokesman for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Sedik Siddiqui, said seminars like Haqqania spawn militant jihad, create the Taliban and threaten the country. Afghan leaders say Pakistan has authorized the madrassas, demonstrating its support for the Taliban. Shah did not accept the promotion of violence in madrasas but defended the right to target foreign troops.

The Haqqani network, a very violent faction of the Taliban, has been named the seminary itself. Pakistani fundamentalists associated with the seminar began to attack in their own country. These include the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Jihad was discussed
The peculiarity is that during his studies at the madrasa he was not forced to go to Afghanistan, but jihad was discussed a lot. There were also separate conferences for this. Those who wanted to do Jihad during the holidays were sent. Madrasas received a lot of economic funding in 1980. Jihadist groups backed by the United States and Saudi Arabia have been used against the Soviet Union and they continue to have links with Pakistan.

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