Pakistan missile test crash: Pakistan targets Balochistan in Shaheen-3 missile test: Pakistan targets Balochistan in missile test

A few days ago, Pakistan successfully tested the Shaheen-3 ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead. After that, from the president of the country to the prime minister, he began to praise and praise. However, now the truth about this test is being revealed by Pakistan. In fact, it was claimed that the missile fell in Balochistan where many people were injured. Pakistan has been accused of having no heart with Balochistan.

Baluch Republican Party spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti expressed his displeasure at the incident by tweeting. He said his homeland, Balochistan, was not a laboratory. He called on the international community to speak out against the Pakistani army over this missile test carried out on civilians. Bugti, citing residents, claimed five people were injured in the incident which included two women and two children. Many houses were also damaged.

Shaheen-3 test
Pakistan has successfully tested its Shaheen-3 surface-to-surface missile. The missile has a range of 2,750 km, equipped with a nuclear charge capability. This distance is sufficient to target Chennai in India. Scientists and engineers were congratulated by President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan after a successful trial.

Pakistan successfully tests Shaheen-3 nuclear missile, can attack Chennai
Longer range missile
It is one of Pakistan’s solid fuel ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Its first test was in 2015. It is reported to have the highest range of any missile system in Pakistan. Previously tested Shaheen-1 has the ability to strike up to 900 km away while Shaheen-2 can strike 1500 km with nuclear weapons.

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