Pakistan News: 13 people killed in terrible traffic accident in Pakistan

13 people died Monday in a face-to-face collision between a bus and a van in Pakistan’s Punjab province. It is said that the van caught fire after the collision in which 13 people died from the burn. 17 other people were also injured in this accident. The accident happened on the road from Kalakhatai to Narang Mandi, about 75 km from Lahore.

Face-to-face collision due to fog
Rescuers said the van bus collided face to face due to poor visibility due to fog. “The van was completely burnt down after the collision,” a spokesperson for the rescue team said. Rescuers rushed to the scene and transported the injured to hospital.

Pakistani Chief Minister of Punjab expressed pain
According to the report, the gas cylinder in the van exploded and caught fire when it collided with the bus. Punjab Provincial Chief Minister Osman Bajdar mourned the dead and ordered officials to provide better facilities for treating the injured.

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