pakistan news: allow charas to drink to escape the crown

The Pakistani court dismissed an appeal for legal recognition for drinking and keeping 10 grams of charas for treatment of the corona virus. After which, the petitioner decided to appeal to a larger court. The petitioner claims that drinking Charas can prevent infection with the corona virus. He also cited scientific surveys in several countries in his appeal. So far, no research has proven that drinking coronas is possible to cure the corona virus.

The court expressed its dissatisfaction with the petitioner
The High Court of Sindh sharply reprimanded petitioner Ghulam Asghar Sen on this petition. The court said there was no point in making such a request. We are not sitting to hear such a petition. The court asked the petitioner what do you want everyone to start drinking charas?

The Court declared that the question outside the jurisdiction
Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar said there was a real need to appeal to a much higher court. The petitioner then pleaded to avoid the fines, praying that he was a poor man and he filed the petition in the public interest. To this, Judge Mazhar replied that the only possible way was to appeal to the High Court of the High Court of Sindh or through a joint petition.

The court said – go where you want and drink charas
The court said if you want to drink charas you should do so in countries where it is legal. It is beyond the limits of our tribunal to render such a decision. Legally, this is a matter outside of our jurisdiction. The court then dismissed his request without hearing him.

Preparation for appeal to the High Court
Petitioner Ghulam Asgar told media outside the courtroom that he would appeal to the senior judiciary. In this regard, he also referred to the consumption of charas in many countries. However, no research has yet proven that treatment for the corona virus is possible by drinking charas.

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