Pakistan News: China-Pakistan, in an attempt to surround India by sea, will show strength with maneuvers – China, Pakistan trying to surround India in Indian Ocean, Pakistani navy plans with PLA

Strong points:

Pakistan, which plans to surround India in the Indian Ocean in collaboration with China, will also participate with many countries in Aman-2021, the Chinese navy will also join, Pakistan is purchasing many warships and under -marines to China, the oil route is suspended in Islamabad.
Pakistan and China are preparing to surround India by sea. Pakistani Navy Chief Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi revealed his future plan with China in an interview with Chinese government media Global Times. Not only did he advocate for greater naval maneuvers at sea with China, but he also accused India of destabilizing regional security by having an expansionist vision. Let us know that Pakistan will soon be hosting a multinational exercise named Aman-2021.

Pakistan’s eye on the Gulf of Oman
The Pakistani navy is trying to strengthen its grip on the Gulf of Oman. On the shores of this gulf is the port of Chabahar in Iran, which India is developing. The Pakistani navy chief said the Gulf of Oman was of more strategic importance. It represents 33% of world oil imports. In such a situation, Pakistan is trying to establish dominance over the region with China. Not only that, Pakistan is also working on a plan to take control of the Gulf of Aden.

Pakistan strengthens ties with Chinese navy
Pakistani Admiral Niazi said they are focusing not only on maneuvering with the Chinese navy, but also on purchasing weapons. He said preparations were also underway to modernize the navy and increase firepower. The relations between the Pakistani navy and the PLA, that is to say the Chinese navy, are getting stronger every day. Bilateral exercises, training and high-level visits have also gained momentum. He also said that F-22P frigates, rapid attack vehicles (missiles), helicopters and advanced study vessels have also been purchased with China.

The Eye of Pak from the Gulf of Oman to the Gulf of Aden

The first ship was ready in August 2020
The first ship under this agreement was ready in August of last year. The ship is the mainstay of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) navy under which it owns 30 of these ships. According to the Global Times report, the second fighter vessel for Pakistan was ready in Shanghai on Friday.

Pakistan’s naval capacity will increase
This ship will enhance Pakistan’s maritime defense capabilities. Zhang Junshe, a senior researcher at the Naval Military Studies Research Institute, told the newspaper that the new frigate is based on Type 054A and is China’s most advanced frigate (combat ship).

China created second frigate for Pakistani navy, plotting against India
Pakistan buys 8 submarines from China
According to a Forbes report, the Pakistani Navy is purchasing a Type 039B Yuan-class submarine based on a Chinese design to increase its strength. This diesel-electric Chinese submarine is capable of augmenting Pakistan’s naval strength. Who carries anti-ship cruise missiles. This submarine produces low noise thanks to the air independent propulsion system. Due to which it is very difficult to detect underwater.

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