Pakistan News: Imran Forced To Take Action Against Corruption At CPEC, 40 Frontier Corps Officers Suspended

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was eventually forced to take action against persistent corruption in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). As a result of his order, forty officers of the Pakistani paramilitary forces were suspended for corruption. All of these officers were stationed in Balochistan province. Apart from this, investigations were also opened against 20 other officials.

40 military officers suspended, investigation against 20
Forty Frontier Corps (FC) South Balochistan personnel deployed in the Makran division were suspended after proving that they were charged with financial corruption, according to the report. Apart from that, financial corruption is investigated against 20 officers. All these officials are accused of embezzlement under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

Officers convicted in Inspector General’s investigation
The investigation was launched following reports of widespread corruption and looting in the CPEC project by Major General Sarfaraz, Inspector General of the Border Corps (IGFC) of South Balochistan. The investigation revealed that more than 40 officers stationed in Kitch, Gwadar and Panjgur districts of South Balochistan are regularly involved in financial corruption.

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Already the accused officers have made their transfer
Evidence and documents presented against these 40 military officers are said to have been suspended from duty after being proven correct. There were reports that many accused officers used their influence to be transferred to other cities as soon as the Inspector General began to investigate.

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Special force created to protect southern Balochistan
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a project costing around US $ 60 billion. Pakistan began to strengthen its military headquarters in the southern part of Balochistan from the start of the project. At that time, the Frontier Corps stationed in this area was renamed the South Frontier Corps. The town of Turbut became the headquarters of the South Frontier Corps.

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The attacks did not stop despite the formation of a special force
Pakistan has set up a special force comprising 13,700 special commandos to protect the $ 60 billion project. Despite this, the attacks against Chinese civilians working in this project are increasing. The Baluch Liberation Army Majid Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange in June.

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