Pakistan News: Imran not allowed to speak against Pakistani army – ISI said – Opposition speaking the language of Prime Minister Modi – Imran Khan attacks Pakistani opposition parties, says they speak language of Prime Minister Minister Narendra Modi

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan faces enormous opposition from the opposition these days. Imran now uses the military and the ISI intelligence agency to save his chair. Imran Khan, who is visiting Gilgit-Baltistan while addressing a rally, said if this thief (opposition) criticizes the Pakistani military chief and the head of inter-service intelligence (ISI). This proves that they have chosen the right people for these positions. He alleged that the opposition spoke the language of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A single target on Nawaz Sharif
Let us know that Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister of Pakistan and currently living as a fugitive in London, has openly targeted Pakistan Army General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) General, the Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed on several occasions in his speeches. . Nawaz also accused the two of having hatched a plot to overthrow their government. He also said that in the 2018 elections, the army made the incompetent Imran Khan prime minister by removing me from power.

Imran’s Claim – Opposition speaking Modi’s language
These days, there has been a lot of uproar over the statement by PMML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq in Pakistan. He had exposed Pakistani public opinion on the release of Abhinandan, the squadron commander of the Indian Air Force. After which, upon his statement, many ministers of Imran called him an agent of India. Now Imran Khan has broken the silence on his statement saying that the opposition leader speaks the language of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The opposition try to blackmail me
Imran Khan claimed that I had received congratulatory messages from leaders around the world on how Pakistan behaved and retaliated after Pulwama, and today he (Sadiq) says Pakistan is out of fear. It was the basis of Modi’s entire electoral campaign. He claimed that the whole motive of the opposition was to blackmail Imran Khan so that he could recover his looted property.

This is why the army is targeted
Targeting the opposition, the Pakistani prime minister said I wanted to tell my nation today that Imran Khan will never forgive these dacoits. Along the way, he attacked justice. They try to make the judges in their favor. After that, when they flee abroad. In cases where a decision is made in their favor, the judiciary is right and if it opposes it, the judiciary is wrong. They put pressure on the military only to have us forgive them.

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