Pakistan News: Imran struggling with murder of Muslims Hazara, influential Pakistani Shiite leader Karim Khalili arrives – Influential Afghan Shiite leader Karim Khalili visits Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s unrest has escalated since the recent murder of 11 people from the Shia Hazara community in Pakistan. Pakistani opposition parties have already opened a front against the Imran government on this issue. Today, the influential Shiite leader of Afghanistan Karim Khalili has also reached Pakistan. According to some reports, apart from Imran Khan, he will also meet relatives of the Shiite community Hazara, a murdered minority.

Atrocities on the Hazara community in Pakistan, Afghanistan
Khalili also belongs to the Hazara community. There are a large number of Shiites in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In both countries, there have been reports of persecution by people from the majority Sunni Muslim community. The Sunni terrorist group Islamic State of Afghanistan and the Sunni terrorist group in Pakistan have repeatedly targeted Shiites.

Shiite leaders want to calm the anger of the Hazara community
Khalili’s visit is seen as an attempt to mend the strained relations between the two neighboring countries. Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement that Khalili’s visit was part of Pakistan’s policy to reach out to political leaders in Afghanistan to create overall coordination on the peace dialogue process in Afghanistan.

Khalili will also meet with Imran Khan
Khalili, who was the vice-president of the government of former President Hamid Karzai, will also meet with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Explain that Imran Khan directly blames India for killing these workers. While the truth is that his government and the Pakistani army itself are keeping the terrorists down.

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