Pakistan News: In Pakistan, demolition of new temple, neighboring Muslims saved Hindus from attackers – Hindu temple vandalized in Sindh Pakistan, Muslims save Hindu families from attackers

An angry mob looted a Hindu temple in Pakistan’s Sindh province. A mob of fundamentalists also tried to attack 300 Hindu families who lived there. However, local Muslims, who have lived in the neighborhood for decades, did not allow the mob of militant rioters to enter the area. The incident happened on Sunday in the Sheetal Das complex, home to around 300 Hindu families and 30 Muslim families.

Neighboring Muslims Save Hindus’ Lives
Locals reported that scores of men gathered outside the compound’s only gate. Many of these people intended to attack Hindu families. However, Muslims living in and around the premises immediately rushed to the gate and prevented crowds from entering the area. A Hindu told Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune that police also arrived within minutes of receiving information.

Damaged statues in the temple
Another Hindu person said people from the raging mob reached the temple and attempted to vandalize it. The mob wanted to attack Hindu families but were thwarted by police. However, other eyewitnesses said three idols were damaged in the incident.

Migration of most Hindu families
Senior police officials also confirmed that local Muslim families protested and prevented the attackers from attacking minority Hindu families. As of Tuesday, more than 60 Hindu families had migrated to other parts of the city after the incident.

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