Pakistan News: Is Pakistan preparing for war? Fatah-1 rocket system tested at 140 km range – Pakistan Army tests Fatah 1 guided multiple-launch rocket system

Strong points:

Fearing India’s defense preparedness, Pakistan is teaming up with China to test new weapons on Thursday with the Fatah-1 guided multiple-launch rocket system.
Pakistan is also gearing up for a war on LoC amid tensions with China in Ladakh. Pakistan has now tested the Fatah-1 guided multiple-launch rocket system after 20 days of Shaheen-9 maneuvers with the Chinese Air Force. ISPR, the propaganda wing of the Pakistani army, released a video claiming that the Fatah-1 rocket is capable of reaching 140 kilometers. There are fears that China has helped Pakistan build this rocket system.

Missile information related to the missile
Pakistan has not shared any additional information on this rocket system. Therefore, Pakistan’s claim cannot be easily believed. The video shared by the Pakistani military is only 15 seconds in total. The first part appears to be a rocket firing from its launcher. In the second part, a missile is seen falling from a pole at a distance of about 5 to 10 feet. No information was given by the Pakistani army on where this test was carried out.

Pakistan is angry with India
Pakistan initially insisted on surgical strikes, backed by India’s frequent missile tests. When the world didn’t listen to Pakistan, it started to blame India for spreading terror in his country. Recently, Imran Khan is not tired of saying India’s hand in the attack on the Pakistani army in Balochistan and the terrorist attack on Shiite miners.

India tests around 40 missiles in 2020
The year 2020 has proved to be a huge success for India’s defense research sector. DRDO scientists have tested so many missiles that all previous records have been broken. More than three dozen missiles were successfully tested in 2020. The successful test of the country’s first Next Generation Anti-Radiation Missile (NGARM) was carried out on October 9. India successfully tested a native “Prithvi-2” missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons on September 23 and again on October 16. The successful test of the torpedo’s supersonic assisted release, the SMART missile, took place on October 5. Tested the anti-tank guided missile of the Arjun tank on October 1.

China, Pakistan prepare for two war fronts with India
China and Pakistan now want to resort to two war strategies before. In western India the greatest enemy sits Pakistan and China on the other side with expansionist thinking. India is stuck between the two countries. India’s borders are adjacent to the two countries and the dispute remains extreme at both levels. In such a situation, China’s strategy now is to surround India with its own army on one side, while provoking Pakistan on the other side. This Indian army will be engaged in war on both western and eastern fronts.

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