Pakistan News: New strain of coronavirus detected in Sindh Pakistan Imran Khan’s blood pressure to rise: Dangerous strain of corona virus reaches Pakistan, Imran Khan’s blood pressure increases

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A new strain of corona virus originating in the UK has now reached Pakistani Sindh. A sample of 12 people returning from the UK was tested in Sindh, where three positive samples were found when testing it was found to match 95% of the new corona strain. Raisalabad
The new strain of Corona virus originating in Great Britain has now reached Pakistan. The Sindh Province Health Department said a sample of 12 people returning from the UK had been tested, of which 6 were found positive in the first phase. Out of this, three people were found to have a new strain of the corona virus. During testing of the samples, the gene type was found to match 95% of the new British Corona strain.

Sindh health department spokesman Meeran Yusuf said these samples will now be considered at the next stage. He said the people who come in contact with these people are identified and they are being kept in isolation. Earlier on Saturday, the World Health Organization tweeted that it was in contact with the UK government over a new Corona strain.

The new strain of the corona virus was identified in September in the southwest of England. It has since spread slowly around the world. Earlier in India, six patients returning from the UK were also found to be infected with the mutant corona virus. They are placed in isolation. At the same time, those who came into contact with him were also quarantined. The new strain of Corona is said to be quite contagious. It has increased new cases in areas affected by Corona by 300%.

Corona cases topped 8.12 crore
Let us know that the number of corona virus cases has crossed 812 million worldwide as more than 17.7 lakh people have lost their lives so far. Johns Hopkins University gave this information. The university revealed in its latest update Tuesday morning that the current global number of corona cases is 81,249,028, while 1,772,912 people have died. According to the CSSE, the United States remains the worst affected country with the highest number of 19,299,960 cases and 334,830 deaths worldwide.

At the same time, India ranks second with 10,207,871 cases of corona, while 147,901 people have died in the country. The other countries with over 1 million cases, according to CSSE data, are Brazil (7504.833), Russia (3.047.335), France (2.619.616), Great Britain (2.336.688) , Turkey (2,162,775), Italy (2,056,277), Spain (1,879,413), Germany. South Africa (1,672,643), Colombia (1,603,807), Argentina (1,590,513), Mexico (1,383,434), Poland (1,261,010), Iran (1,206,373), Ukraine (1,061,074) , 1,011,871) and Peru (1,007,657). There have been 475,085 cases of the corona virus in Pakistan and around 10,000 people have died.

New strain of corona virus has arrived in Pakistan

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