Pakistan News: Osama bin Laden used to fund Nawaz Sharif, heckling over Pakistani diplomat’s claim – Osama bin Laden used to fund and support Naz Sharif, reveals former Pakistani Ambassador Abida Hussain

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Former Bawalpakistan diplomat claims Nawaz Sharif’s relations with Osama bin Laden in Pakistan – Nawaz used to fund and support Sharif, Aban Hussain, who is close to Osmanawaz, served as Union minister in addition to ‘Islamabad
There has been a ruckus in Pakistan following revelations of Nawaz Sharif’s alleged ties to Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. In fact, Abida Hussain, who was Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, claimed that Osama bin Laden supported and funded former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif, who has been living the life of a fugitive in London since this revelation, is the target of Imran Khan’s party.

Osama used to finance Nawaz
In an interview with a Pakistani private broadcaster, former Pakistani Ambassador Abida Hussain said yes, Osama Bin Laden had supported Mian Nawaz Sharif. However, it is a complex story. Osama also funded Nawaz Sharif. Abida said that at one point Osama bin Laden was popular with everyone, including America. She was also very popular in many countries, but later became a complete stranger.

Who is Abida Hussain
Abida Hussain is a well-known politician and diplomat from Pakistan. He is also said to be close to Nawaz Sharif. During his first term, Nawaz Sharif rewarded Abida Hussain by making him the Ambassador of America after losing the elections. In the latter term, Sharif also included Abida Hussain in his cabinet.

Design of Pakistan’s nuclear program
He revealed that most of his conversations during his time as ambassadors to the United States were with then-President Ghulam Ishaq Khan. The Pakistani president instructed Abida to keep the Americans busy in negotiations until Pakistan’s nuclear program is completed. He claimed that the US administration had advised Pakistan to implement the nuclear program. It included many American diplomats, senators and congressmen.

Had direct contact with Pakistani president
Asked about the source of communication between him and President Ishaq Khan in the absence of modern equipment, Abida Hussain revealed that he had visited Pakistan five times in the 18 months to receive a briefing from the president. She avoided using the phone for fear of typing. Since the nuclear program is within the competence of the President, most of his interactions have been with him and not with the Prime Minister.

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