Pakistan News: Pakistan cried at United Nations, says India can do ‘false flag operation’

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Pakistan furious at the UN
Fearing the surgical strike from India, Pakistan is now pleading with the United Nations. To gain the sympathy of the world community, Pakistan claimed that India was using Operation Falls Flag to justify its aggression against Islamabad. Pakistan is concerned that India is increasing the tension at the border to distract people from its domestic politics. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan himself has expressed fears over India’s surgical strike.

What is happening?
It is known that the term fall flag operation is used to hide the true source of responsibility and to blame the other party. This is called a false flag operation, where the identity of the person performing the operation is completely hidden. Not only that, if the person performing such an operation is arrested, his role in it is completely diverted. Those who have carried out this kind of operation know full well that if they are caught the government will not accept them in any way.

Then the melody of Kashmir
Pakistan sang the Kashmir melody again. Pakistan is well aware that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and constitutionally and morally part of India. Despite this, he keeps raising the question of Kashmir by doing false and fabricated things under some pretext for one or the other. Speaking during a debate at the United Nations General Assembly, Permanent Representative of Pakistan Munir Akram said that on the one hand, India has suppressed the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people and that his army shamelessly persecuted the people of Kashmir. On the other hand, he launched a campaign to convert the predominantly Muslim state into a Hindu-dominated region.

Pakistani ambassador to UN says lie after lie
The Pakistani representative, lying on the UN platform, claimed that India had launched a campaign to convert the Muslim-majority state into a Hindu-dominated region by allowing more than five million Hindus to occupy Kashmiri territory, which is subject to international law. Under is a massacre. He made another false accusation, claiming that India had silenced the Kashmiris throughout its campaign, as it threatened Pakistan with aggression by continually violating the ceasefire along the way. line of control (LoC).

Pakistan afraid of India’s surgical strike again, issued high alert
Pakistan also opposes India’s permanent seat at UNSC
Akram said that in February 2019, the dire war situation in India was brought to an end thanks to Pakistan’s restraint. Pakistan recently raised objections against G4 states, including India, which is trying to gain permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). After that, Pakistan warned against India’s aggression at the United Nations.

‘India will strike surgically again’, Pakistan raised alert with fear, military offer – no such plan
Pakistan therefore calls for surgical strike
Sources in the Pakistani government have said that the farmers’ protests in India have gained worldwide attention and that New Delhi may try to opt for a false flag operation to distract from the topic. Dismissing India’s claims, Pakistan said the 2019 Pulwama terror attack was carried out by a local Kashmiri citizen who was unrelated to Pakistan.

Imran Khan

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