Pakistan News: Pakistan: Hindu teacher forcibly confesses to Islam, fundamentalists name Ayesha

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The unacceptable atrocities against Hindu women and girls in Pakistan; radicals confess to female teachers in Pakistan; incidents of conversion of minority girls in Pakistan increased during Islamabad
Incidents of religious atrocities against Hindu, Sikh and Christian minorities living in Pakistan are on the rise. The new case comes from Balochistan, a province in Pakistan hit by violence. Where, fundamentalists kidnap a Hindu teacher Ekta and force her to convert to Islam. These fundamentalists named the woman Ayesha.

Imran, a defender of Islam in the world, kept silent
Voice of Moinarity, an organization that works for Hindu, Sikh and Christian minorities in Pakistan, has expressed concern over the incident. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is trying to become a defender of Islam around the world, also remains silent on the issue of forced conversion. At the same time, Pakistani police and local administration are also involved in the bullying of the case.

Cases of religious conversion increased in lockdown
During the Corona virus lockdown in Pakistan, there was a huge conversion of Hindu and Christian girls. Pakistani human rights activists have expressed concern that, as a result, the sense of insecurity in the minds of minorities has also increased rapidly. The fanatical attitude of the police in Imran Khan’s government and the absence of strict laws encouraged and strengthened fundamentalists.

America also expressed concern
The US State Department this month declared Pakistan as a country particularly concerned about the violation of religious freedom. However, Pakistan’s decision was rejected by the United States. According to an independent human rights commission in Pakistan, these girls are usually kidnapped and then married. Most of these girls are poor Hindu girls from Sindh province.

Pakistani Hindus after radical Imran government, devastation, attacked and driven back home
Nikah kidnapped a 14 year old Christian girl
In the last week of October, a 13-year-old Christian woman, Arju Raja, was kidnapped by a 44-year-old intermediary in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province. After which, he forcibly converted the girl and married her. The person Arju was married to is also double the age of his children. Arju’s husband is currently in jail for child marriage and rape, but she is hidden from fear.

Most conversions take place in this province of Pakistan
This is not the first incident in Sindh, infamous for the atrocities committed against minorities. According to the report from the last week of June, there was a case of Hindus converting to Islam on a large scale in Sindh province. 102 Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam in Badin, Sindh.

Pakistan: Hindu-Christian girls convert massively during confinement in Pakistan, Imran government silent
Over 1000 girls convert each year
According to the human rights organization Movement for Solidarity and Peace (MSP), more than 1,000 Christian and Hindu women and girls are abducted every year in Pakistan. After which they are converted and converted into Islamic rituals. Most of the victims are between 12 and 25 years old.

Hearing does not take place due to lack of access to victims
The human rights body also said the numbers could be even higher as police fail to register most cases. Most of the abducted girls are associated with the poor. Who has no news taker. As a result, neglect also manifests itself at the administrative level.

Pakistan: 13-year-old Christian kidnapped, 44-year-old man converted to religion and married
Many cases have also occurred before
Let us know that prior to this 14 year old Christian girl Huma Yusuf was kidnapped from Dera Ghazi Khan of Punjab. Whose religion was converted and a Muslim boy got married. Apart from this, such incidents also happened with girls named Sana John, Mahvish, Farjana and Seharish.

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