Pakistan News: Pakistan: Scores of coal miners slaughtered in Mach region of Balochistan: Another fierce attack in Balochistan, 11 Pakistani coal miners shot dead

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The turbulent province of Balochistan in southwest Pakistan once again performed a blood Holi. 11 coal miners were gunned down on Sunday after gunmen were kidnapped by Baluch rebels who killed 7 soldiers in Pakistan.
A bloody Holi was once again performed in the province of Balochistan in southwestern Pakistan. At least 11 coal miners were shot dead on Sunday after gunmen kidnapped them. According to Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune, police said minors on their way to work were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen and shot them while taking them to the nearby hills of the Mach region. Previously, 7 Pakistani soldiers had been killed by Baluch rebels.

Police said six of these minors died on the spot and five others seriously injured died on the way to the hospital. Police, Frontier Corps and district administration officers arrived at the scene after the incident. The Chief Minister of Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan, condemned the incident and requested an investigative report from the authorities concerned.
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“ Pakistan’s Punjabi roads against Baluch’s national interest ”
Earlier, a fierce attack on the border corps division post at Harnai, Pakistan’s Balochistan province, was claimed by the rebel group Balochistan Liberation Army. The BLA warned in its statement that if the Kohlu-Kahan road were built, the consequences would be very serious. The Baluch organization said that this road is drawn by the Punjabis of Pakistan against the national interest of the Baloch and that the Pakistani army is protecting them. During this BLA attack, 7 Pakistani soldiers were killed.

In the photos posted on social media by the BLA, we see that during the attack, the clothes of Pakistani soldiers were stripped and their weapons taken away. The BLA said it had previously warned that if the Kohlu-Kahan road was built, it would have to pay a huge price. Therefore, Pakistani companies that are building this road with the help of the military should stop the construction work.
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“Don’t help the Pakistani army capture Balochistan”
The BLA said the struggle would continue until Baluchistan’s independence against Pakistani forces intending to plunder the Baluch national wealth. He warned that such attacks on the Pakistani army would continue. He called on the local population and Pakistani businesses not to help the Pakistani army capture Balochistan.

Earlier on Saturday, Baluch rebels attacked the Pakistani army post and killed seven soldiers. After that, the Pakistani army, seeking revenge on the local population, launched a massive operation across the region. By such operations, the Pakistani military accuses them not only of entering the homes of ordinary people, but shoots people like terrorists when they demonstrate.

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