Pakistan News: Pakistan Tells Former ISI Chief Asad Durrani, An Indian ‘Spy’ Said – Relation To RAW – Former ISI Chief Asad Durrani Has Keep In Touch With Indian intelligence agency Raw, Pakistan Defense Ministry said

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Pakistan told the former head of its own intelligence agency: India’s spy ministry said in court that the Indian intelligence agency has been in contact with the Indian intelligence agency since 2008, Durrani is engaged in the exclusion of Durrani from 2019, is out of the checklist.
Pakistan has called retired Lieutenant General Asad Durrani, head of its own Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), an Indian spy. In a written response, Pakistan’s Defense Ministry asked the High Court in Islamabad not to remove Durrani’s name from the exit checklist. The Defense Ministry told the court it had evidence that Durrani had been in contact with the research and analysis wing of the Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) since 2008.

Why Pak’s army and government are angry with Durrani
Asad Durrani’s name is often associated with AS Dulalat, the former head of Indian intelligence agency RAW. Together, these two former chefs also wrote a book called “The Spy Chronicles: Raw, ISI and the Illusion of Peace”. For this reason, in 2018, the Pakistani military summoned Durrani and accused him of violating the military code of conduct.

Why Pakistani Defense Ministry told spies
In fact, Asad Durrani appealed to the High Court in Islamabad, claiming that the government had incorrectly included his name on the no-fly or exit checklist. He told the court that he wanted to go abroad so that the government could lift the ban on him. Pakistan included Durrani in the ECL in 2019.

Durrani declined to comment
Former ISI chief Durrani declined to comment on the Issa affair. They say they will not comment on the matter in court in advance. He says this should be resolved through a judicial process. The hearing of the case is expected to begin in February.
Pakistani military rocked by the book
The Pakistani army was greatly insulted by this book. This book published by Harper Collins mentions many burning issues including Kashmir, Burhan Wani, Hafiz Saeed, Kargil War, Kulbhushan Jadhav, Balochistan, Surgical Strike, Osama bin Laden. He alleged in his book that Pakistan did not handle the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav well. Not only that, he had said about the Osama Navy sealed operation that there was a secret deal between Pakistan and America on it.

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