Pakistan News: Pakistan to start vaccination with Corona vaccine, to be provided as part of bailout, China to send special plane – Pakistan to send special plane to bring first batch of Sinovac Covid 19 vaccine

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Pakistan plans to start vaccination from next week to bring free corona vaccine to Pakistan; Pakistan plans to start vaccination from next week
Pongal Pakistan, which suffers from the Corona virus, must send its own plane to China to bring the vaccine. It is said that China had put a condition in front of Pakistan to give the Synovac corona vaccine for free, that it would have to take the vaccine at its own expense. But poverty-stricken Pakistan has spent at least a month planning to send a plane. Now, Imran Khan’s government has decided that a special plane will be dispatched from Islamabad on Sunday to deliver five lakh doses of Corona vaccine.

China gives free 5 lakh vaccine to Pakistan
Significantly, the Chinese government has promised to provide these vaccines to its close ally Pakistan. The National Campaign Command Center (NCOC) said at a vaccine delivery strategy meeting on Saturday that the country was preparing for the vaccination program. According to an NCOC statement, a special plane was flown to China on Sunday to bring the first shipment of the vaccine.

Health workers and the elderly will be vaccinated first
Pakistan plans to immunize frontline health workers and the elderly in the first phase of immunization. According to the national health services, to date 5.43,214 cases of Kovid-19 have been reported in the country. At the same time, the total number of people who died from this epidemic has increased to 11,623. So far, 4,98,152 people have been cured, while currently a total of 33,439 patients are being treated.

Pakistani minister spoke about vaccination plan
Planning Minister Asad Umar, who heads the leadership of the National Command and Campaign Center, tweeted on Wednesday that arrangements have been made to carry out the vaccination campaign. Kovid-19 will be vaccinated in hundreds of vaccination centers across the country. He said the vaccination of Front Front health workers will start from next week.

Pakistan is behind free vaccine
Pakistan has approved three vaccines, including the Oxford-Astra-Zeneca vaccine, the vaccine developed by China and the Chinese company Sinopharm, and the Sputnik V. vaccine developed in Russia. However, indebted Pakistan is still in the process of getting the free vaccine.

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