Pakistan News: Pakistani Shia Hazara, frightened by Imran Khan’s ‘threats’, stopped protests and buried dead – residents of Pakistan’s Shia Hazra community stopped protests and cremated miners who died after the warning from Imran Khan

The Shiite Hazara minority community, which has been demanding justice for 6 days in Pakistan, has ended its demonstration following threats from Prime Minister Imran. He not only buried the bodies of 11 coal miners killed in an attack by Islamic State militants. On the contrary, the western bypass area of ​​Quetta was also evacuated. Explain that minors from the Shiite Hajra community were murdered last Saturday in the Mach region, in the province of Balochistan.

Families of the dead played for 6 days
Thousands of people from the Hazara community, stunned by the murder of their loved ones, sat on a dharna with the coffin of the corpses in the fierce cold in the western bypass area of ​​Quetta. They demanded not to bury the bodies until Prime Minister Imran Khan personally came to see them to assure them of their defense.

Imran told the blackmailers protesters
Ignoring the demands of the people of his own people, Prime Minister Imran Khan called the protesters blackmailers. He said at an event that I conveyed my message to the protesters that all of their demands were accepted. After that, why insist on burying the dead until I arrive? The prime minister of any country cannot be blackmailed in this way. This way everyone will start to blackmail. Since then, this statement by Imran Khan has been contested.

Ruckus in Pakistan following Imran’s statement
Imran Khan’s statement drew strong reactions not only from the opposition, but also from the general public and the media. In order to convince these families of the last rites and to stop the dispute completely, the Government of Pakistan has also made great efforts. Pakistani officials said the standoff ended when Balochistan’s Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan went to meet the protesters for the second time, accepted their request and told them the prime minister planned to meet them soon.

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Pakistani government to provide compensation and jobs
The Shuhada Action Committee and Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen have announced the end of the picket line. According to the agreement, the government will take action against those responsible for negligence in the Mach incident. The government of Balochistan will provide compensation of 15 lakh to the families of the person killed and a job to a family member.

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Pakistani army chief Bajwa on tour in Balochistan today
According to sources, the protesters ended the sit-in because they were told that Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa was reaching Quetta on Saturday. In Balochistan, the Pakistani army faces attacks on the same day. Due to which the completion of the CPEC project in collaboration with China is also clouded by doubt.

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