Pakistan News: Sisters and girls unsafe even in Pakistan’s Rashtrapati Bhavan shameful act with activist – Pakistan

Even in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Islamabad, Pakistan, women are not safe. Maria Iqbal Tarana, an activist, claimed on Monday that she was harassed by officials in Rashtrapati Bhavan. Tarana tweeted that she had visited Rashtrapati Bhavan as part of an event where she was harassed by officials.

Tarana has a big name in Pakistan
According to the Pakistani Media Daily Pakistan report, Maria Iqbal Tarana is the founder of Talim, an educational organization. Apart from this, she has also served as the chair of the Occupied Kashmir Women’s Position in Pakistan, the Kashmir Youth Forum and the People’s Monetary Rights Commission.

Rashtrapati Bhavan official asked to have a physical relationship
Tarana revealed that he was invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan as part of an event. When she reached Rashtrapati Bhavan, an officer began to pressure her into having a physical relationship. When he declined, the agent said you had not been invited to this program. You are leaving here.

Tarana revealed the name of the accused officer
Tarana also named the accused, requesting an investigation into the case. He wrote in the tweet that the man who took action is Afaq Ahmed posted as Rashtrapati Bhavan’s protocol officer. Tarana wrote that the matter should be investigated and the person responsible should be punished.

Such allegations were also made against Pakistani ministers
This is not the first time that some of Pakistan’s top bureaucrats and politicians have been accused of committing such acts with women. Previously, American Cynthia De Ritchie accused top PPP official and former Home Secretary Rehman Malik of raping her in 2011. She said she went to Rahman’s office to get the extension. visa. During this time, he committed this incident.

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