Pakistan News: Turkey donates war material to Pakistan against India, watch video – Turkey donates warship to Pakistan for war against India viral video

The Pakistani Navy is preparing to increase its tactical and combat strength for war with India. The Turkish government company is building a Magnum-class Corvette in Karachi for the Pakistani Navy. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar also joined as the main guest at the keel laying ceremony to put the ship’s structure underwater. This warship can be inducted into the Pakistani Navy in 2023.

How powerful is this corvette turvet
Turkey originally built the middle class Corvette Magnum for its navy. Later, it is made in Karachi under an agreement with Pakistan. Multipurpose corvettes and frigates are being built as part of the Magnum-class project. This warship can perform missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance, early warning, anti-submarine warfare. It also deploys surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles. As part of this project, Turkey is also building four Jinnah-class frigates for the Pakistani Navy.

Pakistan buys warships from Turkey and China
Former naval chief Admiral Zafar Mahmoud Abbasi, in his farewell speech a few days ago, said we will include four Chinese frigates over the next few years and several medium-range ships built in Turkey between 2023 and 2025. He also said that the ongoing Chinese cooperation Hangar submarine project was going according to his plan. Four submarines are being built for Pakistan and China as part of this project.

China pledged to increase war power in Pakistan, killer submarines found in pictures

Pakistan buys 8 submarines from China
According to a Forbes report, the Pakistani Navy is purchasing a Type 039B Yuan-class submarine based on the Chinese design to increase its strength. This Chinese diesel-electric submarine is capable of augmenting Pakistan’s naval strength. Who carries anti-ship cruise missiles. This submarine produces low noise thanks to the air independent propulsion system. Due to which it is very difficult to detect underwater.

Pakistan increasing navy strength for war with India, to buy more than 50 warships from China to Turkey

Agosta-class submarines capable of nuclear attack
Pakistan operates five Agosta-19B-type submarines made in France. Of these, three were upgraded with Air Independent Power. These submarines are the most powerful and modern in the Pakistani Navy’s arsenal. These submarines are equipped with modern combat systems and AS-39 Exocet anti-ship missiles. In addition, submarines of this class are capable of launching the Babur-3 nuclear missile.

Pakistani Navy

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