Pakistan News: Video: Dog close to Emraan Khan is in VIP security, Minister of Sindh opens poll – dog rides in official SUV of governor of Sindh with police escort

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German pastor Kutta Sindh, provincial minister in the vehicle of the governor of Pakistan’s Sindh province, seen in a car, filmed on video
The general public in Pakistan does not have food. The prices of vegetables and oil are skyrocketing. At the same time, the German Shepherd dog of the governor of Sindh, close to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, is riding in a government SUV. This information was disclosed by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Sindh Province himself. Not only that, he also shot and tweeted a video of the entire incident. In which this dog is seen wandering in a government car.

The governor of Pakistan is close to Imran
The Pakistani People’s Party is led by Sindh Province in Pakistan. At the same time, the governor of this state would be close to Prime Minister Imran Khan. PPP Minister Taimur Talpur responded patiently when he saw a dog walking in an official vehicle belonging to the governor’s house of Sindh on the road to Karachi. Speaking to local Pakistani media, the PPP minister said that I too am a dog lover but never took a dog in a government car.

People have no food and a dog walks in a police escort
He attacked the Imran government saying that the people of the country did not have enough to eat and that a dog was riding in an official vehicle with a police escort. He said this practice should be discouraged as it is a misuse of public funds. Talpur said PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also owns dogs, but never took them for a ride with a police escort.

The former governor of Sindh also targeted
Mohammad Zubair, a former governor of Sindh and senior management spokesperson for the Pakistani Muslim League-N, also tweeted the video criticizing the VIP protocol. Attacking Imran Khan’s party in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in a tweet, he wrote that even the governor’s dog receives a full protocol. This party has crossed all limits.

No gas for cooking under the reign of Imran Khan, disaster in New Pakistan
Even the poor don’t want to eat in Pakistan
Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Reham Khan, claimed a few days ago that a kilo of ginger was sold for Rs 1000 in Rawalpindi. The price of capsicum has also reached Rs 200 per kg. There has been an uproar in Pakistan over the flour. In Pakistan, the price of gasoline was increased to Rs 109.20 per liter, diesel to Rs 113.19 per liter, kerosene to Rs 76.65 per liter and light diesel to Rs 76.23 per liter. .

Inflation in Pakistan due to inflation, ginger reached Rs 1000 per kg
Pakistan faces food grain shortage
Pakistan faces a shortage of food grains these days. Pakistan previously exported onions to the world. Now he has to import it to reduce onion prices in his country. Imran Khan is constantly meeting with cabinet and officials to reduce the price of flour and sugar.

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