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Strong points

The Afghan Vice President recalled the crushing defeat of the Pakistani army in 1971, due to which Pakistan is gravely shaken and called his statement stupid. Pakistan has said Afghanistan is embarrassed by the stupid statements of senior officials in Islamabad.
Afghan Vice President Amarullah Saleh reminded the Pakistani army of the crushing defeat at the hands of India in 1971, Pakistan is severely shaken. Pakistan’s national security adviser Dr Moeed Yusuf on Thursday called Saleh’s statements without anonymity “stupid.” Yusuf said Afghanistan is embarrassed by the stupid statements of its senior officials.

The Pakistani security adviser said senior Afghan officials deliberately wanted to ruin bilateral relations with Pakistan. Moeed said in a series of tweets that Afghan officials were trying to disrupt bilateral relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan with their “bitter and misleading statements” to distract from their failure.

Afghan Vice President Amarullah Saleh opens the front
Dr Moeed said: “Afghanistan is embarrassed every day by these stupid statements. He said Pakistan is inclusive and committed to Afghanistan’s political solution. Let us know that the Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrulla Saleh has opened a front against the infamous friendship of Pakistan and the Taliban terrorists. Pakistanis and Taliban started trolling him on Twitter after Amarullah Saleh briefly bowed after a rocket attack during prayers at Afghan Rashtrapati Bhavan on Tuesday. The Afghan vice president stopped talking about the Pakistani troll army by posting a photo of India.

This photo dates from the 1971 war in which the Pakistanis had to surrender to the Indian army. Amarullah Saleh wrote: “There is no such image in our history and there will never be such an image. Yes, yesterday when the rocket passed over us and fell a short distance away, I panicked for a few seconds. Dear Pakistani Twitter attackers, the Taliban and terrorism will not heal the wound you find in this photo. Find another way.

“Pak provides close air support to the Taliban”
Previously, Saleh had exposed to the world the infamous friendship of Pakistan and the Taliban in the war in Afghanistan. Sahel tweeted that the Pakistani Air Force had officially warned the Afghan Army and Air Force that any move to remove the Taliban from the Spin Boldak area would result in retaliation. The Afghan vice president said the Pakistan Air Force is now providing close air support to the Taliban in some areas. Spin Boldak is known as the Chaman Frontier in Pakistan. Recently, the Taliban seized this border by driving out the Afghan army.

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