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On the one hand, Pakistan talks about peace in Afghanistan and on the other it rejects privileged relations with the Taliban. However, he is unable to prevent her from revealing her true intentions. What the Afghan NSA (National Security Advisor) encountered with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in London, the Imran government began to speak the language of the Taliban. This has raised questions as to whether Pakistan will follow the path of Taliban recognition over the Afghan government?

In fact, in London, the Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib met the founder and former Prime Minister of the Pakistani Muslim League (N) Nawaz Sharif. The weeks-long struggle between the Pakistani government and Hamdullah is well known. In such a situation, his meeting with the leader of the opposition upset the Imran government. The ministers condemned him, Pakistani NSA Moeed Yusuf commented in the Taliban language.

Pakistani NSA tweeted

“Attack on the Kabul regime”
Moeed tweeted: “The Afghan NSA used bitter language that was unacceptable to Pakistan and our people. The meeting of officials of the Kabul regime in the United Kingdom with MNS (Mohammed Nawaz Sharif) is an attempt to poison the atmosphere between the two countries. In fact, until now Pakistan has used the term “government of Afghanistan” while “Kabul regime” is the name given to the Taliban.

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Taliban language
Moeed further wrote, “I can understand what Mohib and the company want out of this, but what will the other side get other than embarrass the country? Unfortunate.’ Targeting this meeting, Pakistani Minister of Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry also attacked and said it was dangerous to send Nawaz Sharif abroad because these people are part of international plots.

Afghan NSA meets ‘enemy’ of Imran Khan, accuses Pakistan of handing over 10,000 terrorists to Taliban
Link between Pakistan and the Taliban?
This raised the question of whether Pakistan began to refuse to accept the government of Afghanistan as the government of the whole country? Since the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban and the rise of terrorism, questions have been raised about its relationship with Pakistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had asked the Taliban not to wage war at the behest of a foreigner? At the same time, Hamdullah also alleged that Pakistan sent 10,000 terrorists for the Taliban.

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