Pakistan on Afghan envoy’s daughter RAW: Sheikh Rashid claims Afghan envoy Silsila’s daughter was not kidnapped, conspiracy led by India RAW

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The Imran government called the kidnapping of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Islamabad “false” The Pakistani interior minister claimed it was an “international racket” to defame the country.
The government of Imran Khan, which failed to stop the kidnapping of Silsila, the daughter of Afghan Ambassador Najibullah Alikhil, from Islamabad, in the heart of Pakistan, called the whole affair “False”. Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s outspokenness even claimed it was an “international racketeering” aimed at defaming Pakistan. It is run by the Indian intelligence agency RAW.

This statement by Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid comes at a time when Afghanistan has decided to withdraw all its senior diplomats from Islamabad. Silsila, the daughter of the Afghan ambassador, was abducted Friday from a market in Islamabad. After torturing for about 5 hours, Silsila was thrown onto a road. Silsila suffered multiple injuries and broke her bones.
After the kidnapping of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter, a heinous act, the father had to show the photo
“Indian intelligence agency RAW cast it in the form of a worldwide kidnapping”
In a conversation with Pakistani television station Geo News, Sheikh Rashid said the investigation so far shows that Silsila has not been kidnapped. Rasheed said: ‘There was no kidnapping. I want to tell the whole country that this is an international racketeering and an international conspiracy that is on RAW’s agenda. He claimed that Indian intelligence agency RAW had broadcast it as a kidnapping around the world.

Rashid said Silsila took a taxi but she does not believe she went to Rawalpindi. He claimed that Silsila also used the internet during this time. He said there was only part of the investigation left in this whole matter. We are now trying to get the images of Rawalpindi from Silsila. He said the ambassador’s daughter gave her phone to investigative agencies after deleting all data. The Pakistani interior minister claimed that the government is cooperating fully with the Afghan ambassador, but some people are doing propaganda on the orders of the Indian intelligence agency RAW.
The daughter of the Afghan ambassador kidnapped in Islamabad, then left with a threat. “The next communist issue over to you”
Afghan President gave Pakistan a strong message
Meanwhile, Afghanistan has recalled embassy staff in Islamabad, taking strict action in connection with the kidnapping of its ambassador’s daughter. The Afghan ambassador to Pakistan and other diplomats left Islamabad and returned to Kabul on the orders of President Ashraf Ghani. Ashraf Ghani said the kidnappers of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter should be brought to justice, said Waheed Omar, adviser to the Afghan president. He also said that the safety of Afghan diplomats in Pakistan should be ensured. There are already tensions between the two countries over the issue of support for the Taliban.

Rasheed claimed to have made a complete atomic bomb
Pakistan’s staunch leader Sheikh Rashid, while threatening India some time ago, even said that Pakistan has 125 gram and 250 gram nuclear bombs that can hit a particular target. He said: “India should hear that Pakistan also has atomic bombs from Pav and Adha Pav which can target a particular area. He was also ridiculed on social media for this statement.

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