Pakistan on the Taliban war in Afghanistan: the Taliban over Pakistan’s dictatorship and India over Afghanistan

After the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, Pakistan, which dreams of doing its arbitrariness with the Taliban, suffered a setback. Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan spokesman Suhail Shaheen has said bluntly that Pakistan cannot run a dictatorship or impose its views on the organization. At the same time, Shaheen expressed India’s expectation to be impartial in this matter and appealed to the Afghan people and not to “an imposed government”.

“Pak cannot make a dictatorship”
In an interview with GeoNews in Pakistan, Shaheen was asked about reports that the Taliban did not want to listen to Pakistan. To that, Shaheen said, ‘We want a brotherly relationship. They can help us in the peace process, but they cannot lead dictatorships or impose ideas on us. It is contrary to international principles.

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“The use of Afghan soil is not allowed”
He also said about his close collaboration with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan that the Islamic Emirate has only one policy that Afghan soil will not be allowed for use by any individual or organization. Interestingly, just days ago, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani asked the Taliban to promise that the contested Durand line with Pakistan would not be considered.

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the president had asked
Ghani had wondered if the Taliban war was for the country or if it was being fought at the behest of a foreigner. Not only that, recent reports have also claimed that the Taliban is waging a war in Afghanistan with Pakistani terrorists. According to this, the Pakistani army and intelligence agencies are also active in Afghanistan with the Taliban and also train them inside Pakistan.

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Expect fairness from India
On the other hand, Shaheen denied having met with representatives of India and expressed the hope that India will remain neutral in the conflict between the Taliban and Afghanistan. He said governments keep coming and going and the current government has come with force. In fact, a few days ago, Qatar’s special envoy claimed that Indian officials had met with representatives of the Taliban in Doha.

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Call from India, end the violence
After that, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, who arrived in Russia, said that the “legitimate aspect” of who should rule in the war-torn country is important and should not be ignored. At the same time, he called for an immediate reduction in violence in Afghanistan. Jaishankar had said, violence cannot be the solution to the situation in Afghanistan. We are determined to build a free, sovereign and democratic Afghanistan.

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