Pakistan: Pakistan teased foreign diplomats visiting Kashmir, said – India should allow neutral observers to visit valley – India should allow neutral international observers to visit Kashmir

Pakistan commented Thursday on the visit of international observers to Jammu and Kashmir. The neighboring country called on India to send neutral international observers to Kashmir. These people should interact with the Kashmiri people to assess the land. The spokesman for Pakistan’s foreign ministry made the request on Thursday. Note that in the past, diplomats from Europe, Latin America and Africa have visited Kashmir for two days.

These diplomats tried to take stock of the situation on the ground in the territory of the Union after the repeal of the provisions of article 370 of the Constitution in August 2019. Reacting to this, the spokesman of the Pakistani ministry Foreign Affairs Minister Hafiz Chaudhary said: “India needs UN observers, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, members of the Independent Standing Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations. OIC and international media to travel to Kashmir and interact with the people of Kashmir on the ground. “Should be allowed to assess.”

At the same time, furthermore, in response to whether Sikhs wishing to travel to Pakistan for religious reasons were not allowed to come here from India, Mr. Chaudhary said that Pakistan offered a maximum facilities for Sikh travelers from all over the world, including India. , So that they can visit their religious places here. He said: “We believe India should also allow Sikh travelers to visit their religious places in Pakistan.” India on Wednesday refused permission to allow around 600 pilgrims to visit Pakistan, citing security and Kovid-19 circumstances.

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