Pakistan power cut: clumsy Pakistani minister Sheikh Rashid has now blamed India for lost electricity

Strong points:

Absurd statement by Sheikh Rashid after the power cut in Pakistan; India blames the nationwide blackout; electricity cut to distract from the peasant movement
Lightning struck Pakistan on Saturday night. This was caused by a sudden drop in the frequency of the power transmission system. However, it is an old habit of Pakistani rulers to hold India accountable for every situation messed up here. The same was repeated once again by the country’s interior minister, Sheikh Rashid, who was known for his bad words before.

Power outage in Pakistan
Rashid said Pakistan’s power was cut off by India so that the world’s attention could be diverted from the peasant movement near Delhi, the country’s capital. Please say that on Saturday many important cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi were completely in darkness. After that, the Energy Ministry itself said on Twitter that a sudden drop from 50 to 0 in the frequency of the power transmission system resulted in a power outage across the country.

I’ve made some weird statements before
This is not the first time that Rashid has made an absurd statement. He has repeatedly threatened nuclear war with India. He even claimed that Indian intelligence agency RAW could carry out a deadly attack on Pakistani leadership. Not only that, Rashid stated that Nawaz Sharif is an agent from India and calls Narendra Modi outside the country.

Shortly before, Prime Minister Imran Khan had handed over the interior ministry to Rashid in a major cabinet reshuffle. After that, an old video of Imran was also posted on social media in which he called Sheikh Rashid “shameless”. He says not to make Rashid his peon.

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