Pakistan Rape Ordinance: Stricter Pakistan Rape Law, convicts can be castrated.

Pakistan has approved a strict law to stop the increase in rapes in the country. Under this law, criminals can also be castrated by giving drugs. After receiving approval from the Pakistani cabinet, President Arif Alvi signed a new anti-rape ordinance on Tuesday. The ordinance also provides for the formation of special courts to try rape cases.

Rape hearing to be completed in 4 months
The president’s office said in a statement that after this law, special courts will be formed across the country and cases of rape against women and children will be heard swiftly. The courts will complete the hearing in four months. Provision has been made to castrate those who have committed the crime of rape for the first time or repeatedly. However, the consent of the culprit will also need to be obtained for this.

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The victim will undergo a medical examination within 6 hours of filing the report
The most important provision of the law is to direct the culprits by giving them drugs. This process will be completed under the guidance of the notified board. According to the Newspaper Express Tribune, the law provides that the Anti-Rape Unit will investigate the victim within six hours of reporting the incident. Under the order, the accused will not be allowed to cross-examine the rape victim. Only the judge and the lawyer appearing for the accused will be able to question the victim.

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Police officers will also be punished for negligence
Police and government officials who are negligent in investigations can be sentenced to up to three years and fined. The identity of the victims will not be revealed and action will be taken against those who reveal the identity. With the help of the National Database and the Registration Authority, a database of perpetrators of sexual harassment will also be created. Prime Minister Imran Khan recently announced strict law to deal with the increase in rape cases in the country.

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