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Pakistan has become active in resuming funding from the United States. This is the same country that was showing eyes to build an American air base in Balochistan until two days ago. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s new national security adviser Mued Yusuf has met with US NSA Jack Sullivan in Geneva, looking for significant changes in relations with the United States.

Pakistani counterpart met with US NSS
Pakistani media reports claimed that during this time, Mued Yusuf told US NSA Jack Sullivan that Pakistan and the United States should try to increase bilateral relations on the basis of economy and trade, and not on security and defense. For the first time in a high-level face-to-face meeting, the Pakistani and US NSA had in-depth talks on bilateral, regional and global issues.

Trump financially arrested Pakistan in 2018
The Express Tribune quoted sources as saying that on relations with the United States, Pakistan is in the process of significantly changing its position. However, there is no guarantee that the United States will or will not resume financial assistance to Pakistan. Former US President Donald Trump suspended all security cooperation with Pakistan in January 2018, saying he was dissatisfied with Islamabad’s cooperation and its role in the fight against terrorism.

Imran Khan wants to withdraw money from Biden administration
The whole exercise was launched on the initiative of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. He formed a high-level committee a few months ago in March to formulate a new strategy on relations with the United States under the administration of President Joe Biden. However, it is not yet clear whether the Biden administration approves this framework given its strategic priorities and close ties to India. At the same time, close ties between Pakistan and China may also prevent the United States from expanding cooperation with Pakistan.

America to build air base in Balochistan, Pakistan
In fact, America’s eye is to increase its military presence in the countries of Southwest Asia via Pakistan. With the withdrawal of its army from Afghanistan, the United States is preparing to maintain an air base in Balochistan to monitor it from here. However, the Pakistani government rejected the US presence in Balochistan and the claim to build an air base. According to Pentagon official David F. Hallway, AFP said Pakistan had authorized the use of its air and land borders to monitor Afghanistan.

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