Pakistan Relations with the United States: Pakistan will not cede an air base to the American intelligence agency CIA Drone strikes in Afghanistan say Imran Khan: Imran Khan says Pakistan will not cede an air base to the American intelligence agency CIA

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Imran categorically refuses to give US military base to Pakistan Decision taken because of Pakistan’s friendly relations with the Taliban Pakistan secretly deals with the Taliban in Afghanistan Islamabad
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected a major US offer to help the Taliban. In fact, America had asked Imran Khan to provide it with a secret air base in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. From this air base, the American intelligence agency CIA was going to carry out a secret drone mission in Afghanistan. In return, the United States also urged Pakistan to resume interrupted economic aid. But, Imran Khan declined America’s offer to save his Taliban friend.

Imran said – America is not allowed “at all”
In an interview with the US news site Axios, Imran Khan said that after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan this year, the CIA will “absolutely not be allowed” to launch operations from Pakistani soil. Previously, several reports claimed that Pakistan had allowed the United States to use its airspace to conduct missions in Afghanistan. After this news, there was a row in Pakistan. This is the reason why the Imran government immediately changed this decision and refused to give the air base to America.

The visit of the Minister of Defense and CIA Direct also did not work
To persuade Pakistan to donate the air base, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and CIA intelligence agency director William Burns made a quick tour of Islamabad. Despite this, Pakistan categorically refused to donate the air base due to its close ties to the Taliban. There are fears that Imran’s refusal will further worsen relations between Pakistan and America.

What is the purpose of this announcement by America and NATO, “Will leave Afghanistan but not Kabul airport”?
Pak NSA secretly met with the US NSA in Geneva
In the last week of May, Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Mueed Yusuf met with US NSA Jack Sullivan in Geneva. Meanwhile, Mueed Yusuf had urged US NSA Jack Sullivan to strengthen bilateral relations between Pakistan and America not on the basis of security and defense, but on the basis of economy and trade. However, the two officials did not say whether or not there had been any discussions regarding this air base.

Pakistan’s new deal to get America “rescue” again, will it make a deal by giving Balochistan an air base?
America had a military agreement with Pakistan
After the September 11 attacks, the US military began using two Pakistani air bases to take revenge on the Taliban. In fact, America needed Pakistan’s air and land areas for military operations in Afghanistan. This is the reason why the two countries then signed the ALOC and GLOC agreements. Under the ALOC agreement, the United States used two Pakistani air bases, while with the GLOC, it used Pakistani territory for military operations.

America lost war in Afghanistan because of Pakistan, Biden special deputies furious at Imran government
America used two airports in Pakistan
The United States has made extensive use of Shamsi Air Base in Balochistan, Pakistan and Shahbaz Air Base in Jacobabad, Sindh, for military operations in Afghanistan. American fighters flew from the base in Jacobabad, while drone operations were conducted from Shamsi. These two air bases were evacuated by Pakistan in 2011. These air bases are no longer used by the US Air Force.

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