pakistan sindhudesh pro freedom rally: Sindhudesh: demand for creation of separate sindhudesh in pakistan escalates, people on road take photos of PM Modi – pro freedom sindhudesh rally in sann city of sindh pakistan with pm signs narendra modi

In Pakistan, people protesting the “sale” of Sindh province to China, organized a rally in San Town to demand a separate Sindhu country. Those involved in the rally asked for help in creating Sindhudesh by taking a photo of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other world leaders. Meanwhile, protesters also launched slogans in favor of independence.

According to the ANI news agency, this rally took place in San Town on Sunday. Meanwhile, protesters demanded the intervention of PM Modi and other world leaders to create a separate Indus country. Explain that the Imran government does a lot with Sindh province. Not only that, the land of Sindh is being forcibly given to China. Sea areas are ceded to China for fishing.

The nationalist parties of Sindh demand the creation of an independent country of the Indus in Pakistan. This movement was started by the leader of Sindh, GM Syed, just after the independence of Bangladesh. He gave a new direction to the nationalism of Sindh and gave the idea of ​​Sindhudesh. The leaders associated with this movement believe that freedom and rights cannot be achieved in a parliamentary way.

In Balochistan, Sindh independence organizations recently announced that they would oppose the Sino-Pakistani economic corridor. He said that Sindh and Balochistan have been affected by the powerful Chinese CPEC project. Baloch Khan, spokesperson for the Baloch Raji Aloi Sangar Organization, said that through CPEC, China is seeking to capture Sindh and Balochistan. Not only that, he also seeks to control the coastal resources of Gwadar and Badin.

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