pakistan sri lanka offer cpec: imran khan news: imran khan, trying to encircle sri lanka in china, gave cpec ‘greed’

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Imran Khan lured Sri Lanka into the billion dollar China-Pakistan economic corridor. Imran said Pakistan was considering expanding its relationship with CPEC, adding that Sri Lanka was already part of China’s ambitious Belt and Road program in Colombo. / Islamabad
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, engaged in a general siege of India in association with the Chinese dragon, has now lured Sri Lanka into the billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Imran Khan, who has arrived on tour in Sri Lanka, said on Tuesday that Pakistan plans to improve its trade relations with Sri Lanka through the CPEC. He said Sri Lanka was already part of China’s ambitious Belt and Road program and that CPEC was the best example.

In his speech after meeting Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, Khan said his first visit was aimed at strengthening bilateral ties. He said: “It’s about strengthening our trade relationship. Pakistan is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, CPEC is its flagship program. Khan said CPEC stands for Connectivity with Central Asia.
Imran Khan reached Sri Lanka, remembered Gautam Buddha, broke protocol, received by Mahinda Rajapaksa
India strongly criticizes the BRI
The Pakistani Prime Minister said: “We discussed the areas where we can improve our trade relations, where Sri Lanka can benefit in the future from Pakistan’s connectivity with Central Asia. And our trade relationship also means that the two countries will go hand in hand. The CPEC, connecting the port of Gwadar in Balochistan to the Chinese province of Xinjiang, is the dream project of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

India strongly criticizes the BRI, as the $ 50 billion CPEC it passes through passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). The Pakistani prime minister’s office said in a tweet that Khan and Mahinda met alone at “Temple Trees”, the official residence of Sri Lankan prime minister here. He said that this meeting was followed by delegation-level discussions between Khan and Mahinda. Khan said Pakistan would be happy to help Sri Lanka in the fight against terrorism.

Imran said tourism is a major source of growth and development for this island nation, but terrorism has hindered it. He said Pakistan has also been a victim of terrorism and tourism has come to an end in the past 10 years and foreign investment is not coming due to the threat of terrorism. Khan, the first head of state to visit Sri Lanka after the Kovid-19 outbreak, will meet with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Wednesday. Khan will also participate in a joint “Trade and Investment Conference” aimed at increasing trade and investment between the two countries.

First visit of a Pakistani prime minister after the 2016 tour
During this visit, several agreements will also be signed to strengthen bilateral cooperation. This is Khan’s first visit to Sri Lanka since taking office as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. Previously, he came to Sri Lanka in 1986, when he was captain of the Pakistani cricket team . Meanwhile, in the series of test matches, he accused local referees of bias. This is the first Sri Lankan visit by a Pakistani prime minister after Nawaz Sharif visited Sri Lanka in 2016.

Ahead of Khan’s visit, the Sri Lankan government canceled the schedule for his proposed speech to the joint session of parliament last week. The government cited the Kovid-19 outbreak as the reason for doing so. It is said that Khan’s program included addressing Parliament at the request of the Pakistani government. The speech was due to take place on February 24. Dawn newspaper said that some elements of the Sri Lankan government did not want the speech to take place because they feared it would further damage the country’s (Sri Lanka) relations with India which had already taken place at Colombo port. Is. container terminals are stretched with cancellation of the agreement.

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