Pakistan Supports Terrorism: India at UN, Pakistan Clearly Guilty of Supporting Terrorism and Providing Safe Havens for Terrorists

Strong points:

India has targeted Pakistan at the UN without naming Pakistan India has gestured to Pakistan as a country supporting terrorists India’s permanent representative TS Tirumurti sided with the country at the meeting on the terrorism United Nations
India has criticized Pakistan for harboring and spreading terrorism from the platform of the United Nations. India has said it has been a victim of terrorism, especially across the border, over the past decades. India did not directly name Pakistan, saying some countries are clearly guilty of supporting terrorist activity and harboring terrorists. India may not have made it clear, but it was pointing the finger at Pakistan.

Simple target without naming Pakistan
India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador TS Tirumurti launched a scathing attack on Pakistan in the second week of the fight against terrorism. In a high-level online program titled “Tackling Terrorist Financing in the Post-Covid-19 Scenario,” he said that in order to successfully deal with the threat of terrorism, it is important to block the access of terrorists to economic resources.

Told India a victim of cross-border terrorism
Tirumurti said on Friday that India had been a victim of terrorism for several decades. He was a victim of terrorism especially across the border. Some countries do not have the necessary legal and operational capacities and frameworks to stop the financing of terrorism. And there are other countries that are clearly guilty of aiding terrorism and of voluntarily providing financial support and shelter to terrorists.

Call to establish the responsibility of countries propagating terrorism
He said we must build the capacity of countries with disabilities, while the international community must collectively identify clearly the culprits and hold them accountable. These comments seem to point clearly to Pakistan. Tirumurti stressed the need for international cooperation against terrorist financing, strengthening the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and providing more funds to the United Nations counterterrorism framework.

Many United Nations organizations participated
India organized the event in association with the Permanent Mission of France, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the United Nations Office against Terrorism and the Executive Directorate of the Counter-Terrorism Committee of Security Council. Suffice to say that a day earlier, the FATF, which monitors money laundering and terrorist financing, retained Pakistan in the gray list for the next six months.

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