pakistan tajikistan news: Pakistan to supply nationally made weapons to Tajikistan: Pakistan to supply indigenous weapons to Tajikistan, said Imran Khan

Pakistan is now trying to trap Tajikistan, a country in Central Asia, to beat India in Kashmir and Siachen. This is why Imran Khan spared no effort to welcome the President of Tajikistan, Imam Ali Rahman, who arrived for a two-day visit to Pakistan. To receive him, on special instruction from Imran, JAF-17 Thunder planes of the Pakistani Air Force also escorted the plane of the Tajik President.

Tzaki president reached deal with Imran
During the meeting between Imran Khan and Imam Ali Rehman in Islamabad, a major agreement was signed on the purchase of weapons. Pakistan will supply indigenous arms worth millions of dollars to Tajikistan in the coming days. It will also increase the strength of Tajikistan’s army. According to Pakistani media, most small arms are involved in this deal.

Why does Tajikistan need weapons?
Tajikistan has a border dispute with its neighbor Kyrgyzstan. A month ago, the war situation between the two countries arose. More than 50 people also died in the clash. All of Central Asia is facing water scarcity. This is the reason why disputes are frequent between the countries located in this region. This is the reason why Tajikistan needs weapons.

Why did Tajikistan have an arms seller from Pakistan?
In fact, due to the situation, both countries are trying to take advantage of each other’s helplessness. Pakistan’s economy is going through a crisis these days. Imran Khan believes he can get the country out of the economic crisis by selling home-made weapons of war. On the other hand, Tajikistan is also not rich enough to buy advanced weapons from countries like America, Russia or France. To take up arms from these countries, Tajikistan will also have to pay money immediately, while with Pakistan this problem does not exist.

Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Tension: Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan clash over water, war-like situation after 3 dead in gunfire
Is Pakistan considering India’s only foreign military base?
Pakistan wants at all costs to make Tajikistan its privileged friend. The only reason for this is the Farkhor Air Base in Tajikistan. This air base was operated by the Indian Air Force from 1996 to 1997. In fact, at that time, the Indian intelligence agency RAW was using this air base to assist the Northern Afghanistan Alliance. India also opened a small military hospital here, also known as Maitri Hospital. Afghan Northern Alliance soldiers injured in fighting with the Taliban have been treated here, although there is currently no general information available on the status of this air base.

Watch: Imran Khan launches a fighter plane to greet the President of Tajikistan with his eyes riveted on India’s only military base!
Why is Tajikistan important to India?
Tajikistan’s border does not connect directly with India, but, being a neighbor of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China, it matters more. From there, one can keep a close watch on Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield. This is why India also uses Farkhor Air Base in Tajikistan. India can also keep an eye on Pakistan and China’s air movements from here.

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