Pakistan Taliban news: India built assets in Afghanistan Salma Dam Pakistan Terrorists attack ISI at Taliban

India’s unrest suddenly escalated in Afghanistan, which is battling Taliban terror. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has ordered its fighters to help the Taliban target Indian infrastructure and assets. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani himself told Imran Khan that 10,000 fighters from Pakistan had entered his country to help the Taliban. A few days ago, Taliban terrorists rocket attacked the Salma dam built by India.

Special instructions given to Pakistani fighters
The ANI news agency, citing government sources monitoring Afghanistan, claimed that Pakistani and Taliban fighters were sent with specific instructions to target properties built in India. They were also asked to hinder any good work done by India. India has made a huge contribution in the field of education in Afghanistan. India has also played an important role in training its teachers and support staff.

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Many anti-Indian terrorist organizations active in Afghanistan
Pakistan-backed Islamic terrorist groups, including the Haqqani Network, have been active in Afghanistan against India for many years. Indian agencies are also closely monitoring the situation at Kabul airport. Not only that, Indian workers engaged in civilian labor in Afghanistan were also urged to come out. Indian state-owned company WAPCOS had deployed some of its officers and employees to Afghanistan for the Shahtoot dam project.

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Threats to many projects in India
India has invested billions of dollars to develop Afghanistan. According to the report, India has so far provided more than $ 3 billion in aid to Afghanistan. That is why the Parliament building, roads and dams were built there. India is still working on 116 community development projects. These include education, health, agriculture, irrigation, drinking water, renewable energies, sports and the construction of administrative infrastructure. India is also working on a mulberry and drinking water dam project for Kabul.

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India’s popularity grows in Afghanistan
India will also launch the construction of low cost houses in Nangarhar province for the resettlement of Afghan refugees. Apart from this, India is also helping to build a road to Band-e-Amir in Bamyan province and a drinking water network for Charikar town in Parwan province. India is also building the Afghan National University of Agricultural Science and Technology (ANASTU) in Kandahar. As a result of all this development work, India’s popularity has increased in Afghanistan.

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The Chabahar project could be in danger
India is preparing to increase its trade with Afghanistan, Central Asia and Europe thanks to the Iranian Chabahar project. For this, India is also building many roads which will increase the Indian freight network through Afghanistan. If the Taliban are stronger, they can also trouble India at Pakistan’s behest. Because of this, as much as India tries to take advantage of Chabahar, she can get hurt.

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How were the Taliban born?
The Taliban originated from northern Pakistan in the 1990s. At that time, the then Soviet Union (Russia) army was returning to its country after defeating Afghanistan. The Taliban, which emerged under the leadership of the Pashtuns, first appeared in Afghanistan in 1994. It is believed that the Taliban first made their presence felt through religious events or madrassas, most of the time. money from Saudi Arabia. After the Soviet Union left Afghanistan in the late 1980s, there was a conflict between many factions, as a result of which the Taliban was born.

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